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Latest News From The SHRA 8-20-13


Southwest Heritage Racing Assoc.

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Ardmore, Oklahoma

The SHRA is proud to be a part of the 8th Annual Ardmore Dragway Hot Rod Reunion!  This will be a points earning event towards the 2013 SHRA Championship in the NE1, NE2 and NE3 classes.  SHRA bracket racers are encourage to attend also, but will not earn SHRA points as the track is hosting the bracket racing at this event.  For the Nostalgia Eliminator racers, this will be the 5th event of 6 for 2013, and this race will be pivotal towards winning the 2013 class championships.  This will be a fun event with the scheduled car show, nitro match race and Friday night will feature a 'Cacklefest' ! 

SHRA TIME TRIAL #1 approximately 1PM
TRACK LOCATION - Interstate 35 North of Ardmore, Exit 40  



Announcement for SHRA Nostalgia Eliminator Teams:

The SHRA Nostalgia Eliminator class representatives and rules committee are in agreement to now run the Nostalgia Eliminator 1, 2 & 3 classes on a standard sportsman eliminations ladder as opposed to the current procedure using the run boards / poker chip drawing. This will allow a much more timely and official way to inform teams of the final qualifying order and elimination pairings. Elimination round pairings will be based on the ladder and qualifying positions, no longer by random poker chip drawing. Sheets will be posted near the SHRA booth as they have been all season.


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Get involved and support nostalgia drag racing!
For details contact

David Graves at


Triple C Agency specializes in 'race car insurance'.  Coverage is provided while your race car is being transported, while it is being loaded or unloaded, while it is in your pit or being driven in the pits and while it is in it's primary place of garage.  Triple C Agency is a partner agency to Insurance Solutions of Kansas LLC an Independent Property, Casualty, Health, and Life Insurance agency located in Pittsburg, Kansas. Agency owner, Chris Norris, started his own agency approximately 6 years ago and being a muscle car enthusiast for years along with having a degree in auto mechanics, it seemed only natural to expand his insurance coverage offerings to race cars. He has developed a new agency that specializes in Competition & Collector Car Insurance, known as “Triple C Agency”. With the knowledge of these special car types and the insurance experience he has, Triple C Agency has a strong handle of understanding and covering your valued and one of a kind prized possessions!
The SHRA is proud to work with Triple C Agency this year and we encourage everyone to give Chris a call at 800.467.1014 or visit the company website at to find out more information about what they can do to protect your hot rod!  All it takes is a phone call, the quote is FREE!




Top Five

1) Steve Matthews - 194 pts
2) Steve Dunkin - 131 pts
3) Blown Inheritance - 116 pts
4) Wes Breiten - 93 pts
5) Chris Stouffer - 92 pts


1) Bee Godwin - 134 pts
2) Rain Maker - 126 pts
3) Tommy Drozd - 113 pts
4) Thomas Hixson - 88 pts
5) Richard Brady - 67 pts



1) Doug Morrison - 188 pts
2) Ron Muncy - 146 pts
3) Dusty Rose - 115 pts
3) Ron Walden - 115 pts
5) James Armstrong - 111 pts

Nostalgia Bracket
1) James Armstrong - 52 pts
1) Sharin Godwin - 52 pts
3) Keith Darrow - 51 pts
3) Travis Resar - 51 pts
5) Brad Thompson - 30 pts

Hot Rod Bracket
1) Bill Cogswell - 104 pts
2) Timothy Lyons - 61 pts
3) Stephen Foster - 50 pts
3) Paul Ruliffson - 50 pts
3) Chris Jarvis - 50 pts
3) Sam Goin - 50 pts
3) Michael Rhea - 50 pts


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GLNFCC at Kil-Kare Dragway 7-27-13

AMRA Harley Drags With Nostalgia Funny Cars

July 27th 2013: The AMRA out of Six Lakes, MI brought their association to Kil-Kare Dragway for a full weekend of motorcycle racing.

In addition to the already full action packed weekend, Kil-Kare management booked in The GLNFCC, to add their traveling funny car show to the event.

Saturday morning started out with constant rain and looked like the day was going to be a wash out. But around 1:00 the sun came out and the staff was busy drying and prepping the track for a full day of racing.

Nick Tilley and family celebrate their Peak Trophy win

This is the second year that Kil-Kare has been under new ownership. This year they put down a totally new racing surface and have improved the staging lane capacity and accessibility. The new owner is turning this long time mid Ohio staple into a little gem.

By late afternoon it was time for the funny cars to attack the new racing surface. First pair out was the Damn Yankee driven by Mark Horvath taking on the Shyster Corvette driven by Nick Tilley. The young gun Nick took Mark to school on the tree with a blistering .023 light. The Vega bore down hard on him and made it a tight race.

Next up was the Mopar Crazy Challenger driven by Chris Schneider and tuned by Roland Leong, taking on Rocky Ausec in the Solid Rock Mustang. These two really put on a show that takes you back to 1972. Rocky was out first and stopped the clocks with a 4.90.

Next up was the Sharky's Machine Omni driven by Lance Good, Lance ran at this track two years ago and the Shark took a few bites out of the timing blocks. He was up against Monty Stotz in the Blue Thunder. Monty has had the Camaro running hard for the last few months. Lance came out with his usual killer half-track burnout. It seems that a gremlin has attacked the Camaro and it did not perform as it has recently.

Last car out was a GLNFCC new comer, the Crazy Bear Vega owned by Bob Trysek. Unfortunately Bob has not been able to get his license so he brought Mike Klontz out of retirement to shoe the car for the day. Mike took to the Vega like a fish to water. Mike had to stop the car about half-track because the cockpit was so full of smoke from the burnout. Mike had some issued off the line but got the car hooked up down track.

Second round came about the time the sun was setting and it affected all of the runs as the sun was directly behind the Christmas tree hindering everyone concentration, so red lights and poor reaction times were common.

Mark Horvath and family celebrate their Good Vibrations Award win

First up was Sharky's Machine taking on the Solid Rock Mustang. Both cars did killer burnouts and a few dry hops, you can tell these two like running each other. Both cars were off late but the Omni finished first with a 4.71 to Rocky's 4.90.

Next pair was the Shyster Corvette against the Blue Thunder. The Corvette was way late, but got down the track with a 4.60/153.

This brought up the Damn Yankee Vega against Mike Klontz driving the Crazy Bear Vega. Mark was looking for pay back as Mike pretty much had the winning record against the Damn Yankee when he had his Snakebite Mustang. Both cars came out with full track burnouts and backed up to do battle. The Damn Yankee moved first but turned on the red-light handing Mike the easy win.

There was one more lap to be made for the Mopar Crazy Challenger. They were trying to get a handle on their new blower that was recently installed. The car hooked hard and danced a little down track with a 5.01/140.

Since the field was short a car we decided to run the unfinished final from the event we had at Wisconsin International in June that was rained out. So the first final was the Solid Rock taking on the Damn Yankee. Both cars came out hard entertaining the crowd. They were both off about the same time but the Mustang quickly ran into traction issues and needed the whole lane to get down the track.

Final Round Matchup
Sharky's Machine



Next was the Kil-Kare final pitting the Shyster Corvette against Sharky's Machine. Both cars worked hard on the burnouts and were stoked to make it a good match. Something must have thrown off Lance's concentration as he turned on the red light. Too bad as Nick lost traction and was fighting the Corvette all the way down the track.

All the racers would like to send out a big thanks to the Kil-Kare personnel for a great track surface and making everyone feel at home. Special thanks to Dave, the track owner, for putting the time and money into turning Kil-Kare into a first class operation.

As always thanks to all of our great sponsors: Good Vibration Motorsports, Peak, Pace Product Blue Def, and Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels.

Check out our website and our Facebook page for up to date information and next years schedule.

Driver: Nick Tilley


Damn Yankee
Driver: Mark Horvath
The Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit is a blown Alcohol funny car circuit that will provide a step back into the old days when traveling funny cars shows were the norm.



NDRA Hot August Nights


CrowdFunding - Unconventional?

Is the Drag Racing Community Ready for an Unconventional Approach to Funding?   
Race teams typically rely on sponsors to provide funding for their operation; however, in this economy, many teams struggle to gain necessary support through official sponsorships.  Some search for the ‘big deal’ to get funded for the entire race season by sending proposals to potential sponsors.  While others create websites for the sole purpose of seeking sponsorship hoping interested businesses will find them.  Unfortunately, those without sponsors have to spend a significant amount of their limited budget on expenses not directly related to their racing operation (i.e. travel).  Race tracks also have difficulty obtaining the necessary funds for upgrades such as equipment, bleachers, etc.  This is primarily due to the lack of businesses paying to advertise at their facility. 

Crowdfunding is a perfect alternative for the drag racing community to offset expenses.  What is Crowdfunding?  It is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.  Most crowdfunding sites contain hundreds of categories and many times motorsports campaigns are buried and not seen.  There are currently no crowdfunding sites dedicated to motorsports, drag racing in particular. 

The Drag Racing Crowd hopes to change that by bringing awareness to drag racing through a funding effort that has quickly become a popular means to finance projects.  The Drag Racing Crowd is a collective cooperation of people (fans, racers, and businesses) raising money through a network that supports the drag racing community.  The intent is to help race teams and tracks offset expenses generally provided by sponsors.  The ultimate goal is to utilize successful campaigns to illustrate the power of the “Crowd” to potential sponsors as another means to show businesses the impact racers have on the drag racing community and how their support can translate to sales.

The Drag Racing Crowd is out to prove the drag racing community can take an unconventional approach to fund their hobby by incorporating practices currently being used successfully in other business ventures.  It provides a single crowdfunding platform for race teams and tracks to tell their story through words, pictures, and videos.  When they have a need to raise funds, they simply submit a proposal, launch a campaign, receive funds, and distribute rewards.  Rewards?  Crowdfunding projects are successful because they offer incentives for people to contribute.  The type of reward/perk is based on the amount of the contribution. 

The Drag Racing Crowd also plans to sell apparel, promotional items, and novelties, as well as purchase advertising, to further promote this unique approach to assisting race teams.  Profits will support an aggressive marketing strategy because the more successful this project is, the more money teams and tracks will be able to raise. 

Please visit for additional information and like their Facebook page. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please email Drag Racing Crowd at